Friday, August 30, 2013

Week 15

Wow, 15 weeks. In the next two weeks (assuming my baby cooperates) we will learn the sex of the baby. I am really excited to find out, as I've mentioned before. The baby bump is becoming more plentiful as the days go on. Some of my more fitted scrub tops are getting kinda snug but luckily some ladies at work are lending me larger tops so that will be great.

So, my daily pregnancy update today was about weight gain. It started like this: "you've probably gained about 5 pounds (or a little more or less by now)." Eff you pregnancy update, eff you. I weighed myself two days ago, as I embarked into the fifteenth week and the result was shocking. I have decided to be honest about my weight gain in this blog. So here it is: the day I found out I was pregnant I weight 125 lbs. According to my OB I was marginally underweight so he told me I should gain about 35 pounds this pregnancy. At my 12 week appointment I had gained 5 pounds. I was also constipated and had eaten carbs constantly to ward off nausea. As of two days ago, the scale read 136 lbs. Shit.

From here on out I am supposed to gain 4 lbs a month, or 1 lb a week. Obviously this is going to be non-issue for me. If I am 136 lbs at 15 weeks and have 25 weeks to go I am going to end this at 161 lbs which is a gain of 36 lbs. Thats pretty much right on but I think we all know with the fall and winter months ahead I am going to do some eating. I mean, we all put on a 5 lb (some of us 10) winter coat, right? The thing is, I really don't care that much, it's just a lot of weight. And lets face it, I'm getting older and I am a curvy girl, the weight isn't going to come off easily. BUT- again, I'm going to eat what I want in moderation. Right now the issue is the AMOUNT of food I eat in a day. I got up at 3am last night/this morning and ate because I was starving. But, I am trying to make good choices. I try to snack on fruits and veggies, do salad with a protein at lunch, only indulge in my frozen yogurt love three times a week, etc.

I do exercise still. I walk 3-4 times a week and have been getting back into my yoga now that I am feeling better. I am really trying to trade my afternoon nap for yoga while my kids take their rest on my days off. It's tough but I always feel better after doing it. Prenatal yoga is kind of a joke compared to my usual routine, but it is enough for me. Now that I'm further along I definitely get dizzy and lightheaded much easier. So, I don't want to overdo it.

Lastly, I have to mention. I have really been struggling to sleep at night. I wake up to pee about midnight, and then again about 3am and after the 3am pee I cannot go back to sleep. It's so frustrating. These are my last months of full nights of sleep, soon there will be a newborn to feed, but I am not sleeping. I usually get up, have a snack, zone out to the TV for about 30 min and then head back to bed. Again, oh well, it is what it is I guess. As long as the baby is happy and growing I will deal.

Time to make dinner....

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