Friday, August 23, 2013

14 weeks

First off, am I the only one that thinks peaches are bigger than lemons? Maybe its because I buy these huge peaches from Costco, or is my baby shrinking? Hmmm

So I started having this dream....I'm in bed at night and my husband is asleep next to me, and my lower abdomen has a zipper. So I take our baby out, hold it, and play with it and there is literally blood EVERYWHERE, and then as the sun comes up, I put the baby away and zip my belly up. So weird. And I've had it like three times.

Yesterday a good friend of mine went with me to the maternity store. This can be a daunting place. The one we went to was "Destination Maternity" which has both "Pea in a Pod" and "Motherhood Maternity" products inside it which gives lots more choices. She has never been pregnant, but bless her heart she looked through the racks of things and helped me pick out some cute stuff. Then it was time to head to the dressing room. The sales chick gave me to the low down: there is a belly pillow in the dressing room and if you put it on it adds three months to where you are at now. That way you can plan ahead. I myself am a planner and I appreciated this. Until I put it on. Holy eff. If I am going to be that big in three months I am going to be a whale when I deliver. I mean, you know how they say if Barbie were life sized she would have to walk on all fours because of her big boobs? Well that will be me, but there will be a belly too. A big one. I walked out with a pair of capris and three tops. It was great. I already have a stash of maternity wear from friends who swore up and down my day would come....and they were right, so I am off to a great start on the bump wardrobe. When I got home, I washed my items, and went through my closet and dresser knowing it was time to put away things I can no longer wear. My bump "popped" about a week ago and now I definitely look pregnant, not just oddly fat. I like it though. I find myself rubbing my belly without even realizing it.

I feel pretty good tummy wise these days. Still some bouts of nausea in the afternoon and evening, but no throwing up.

My recent obsession is the gender of this baby. Truthfully, I really do not care if baby is a boy or girl. I just want to know which it is. I have several friends who are pregnant right now and all of them are ahead of me. So, I asked them all to do the home baking soda gender test. It works like this: by about 11 weeks of pregnancy your body starts producing the baby's sex hormones. So, if you have a boy testosterone will start secreting into your blood stream, or for a girl estrogen to add to your plentiful supply. So, you take baking soda and put a couple table spoons into a disposable cup or dish. Then pee in a cup. Take the pee, and pour it over the baking soda. If the baking soda bubbles of fizzes (like beer kinda) its a boy, if it stays flat, then girl. Four people I know have done this and their baking soda test result has been accurate. Tonight I did it, and it fizzed which would mean boy. We will officially find out the second week of September and I cannot wait.

My oldest daughter and my husband are convinced we are having a boy. We had an ultrasound at 12 weeks and the baby was laying in a hammock called my uterus with its legs cross and hands behind its head. This is literally how my husband lays on the couch every night. He said no girl would lay like that. My daughter tells people I have her baby brother in my belly. That's it. This lady from her school came up to me and congratulated me on the boy, after I looked really confused she explained that "A" had told her a brother was on the way. Maybe the kids psychic, I don't know. My other daughter, "J" says girl. She really wants a little sister. Regardless of how this turns out someone will be disappointed I suppose.

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  1. Haha, pregnancy dreams are SOOOO weird! Glad you are feeling good, the 2nd trimester usually brings lots of energy, and a nice little belly! There is a gender test kit that is supposed to work about 80%, I think Walmart, Target and BrU carry it.