Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bye Bye 1st Trimester

13 weeks along today. According to about 1/2 my sources it means I can say good bye to the first trimester (and one of these sources is the mayo clinic guide so it's legit). All of the baby's organs are developed and are beginning to work together. If I am having a girl she already has made a couple thousand eggs for her own baby's one day. If a boy, testes are moving down into their location. The baby has fingerprints, moves around like crazy (though I cannot feel it yet), and is looking more and more human every day.

So here we are. I no longer throw up daily, I just have periods of nausea that are often relieved by either a nap or food and drink. I only get up to pee once a night (apparently in week 12 your uterus moves upward relieving some pressure on your bladder - for now!).

I'm in a place where I really, really love food. Like a lot. And of course my "cravings" are not things that I should have. I crave turkey and avocado sandwiches and lunch meat is supposed to be avoided, but oh well, I buy good lunch meat from the deli that is probably safe. I should get points for the avocado, it's on the top 10 power foods for pregnant women. I have been wanting sushi so dang bad that I caved and had a California roll and tempura shrimp roll for lunch today. It was so good. These items are fine, but you're supposed to use caution when buying at a restaurant cause they "could" come in contact with raw items. Screw it, my mom smoked when she was pregnant with me and I'm fine. I took the risk and satisfied the craving. I had miso soup too, and should get points for this because tofu is high in protein and now that I'm in the 2nd trimester I am supposed to eat 70 grams a day. Lastly, and this is my biggest love: FRO YO. Mmmm fro yo, I love it. I had been going to the yogurt shop a few nights a week and getting either chocolate or vanilla with peanut butter cups but then I went to the store and found something:

If loving this bit of heaven is wrong I don't wanna be right. I only have a little bit every night....almost every night. I try to hold back some nights but the fro yo talks to me from the fridge. And who am I to neglect what my baby obviously wants. That would make me a bad mommy. Right?

My baby "bump" is coming along. I still just look like I have a belly to most, but the lady at the maternity store said I have a good bump for where I'm at in my pregnancy. She could see it, I mean, obviously since I was shopping at the store trying stuff on she could deduce that I was pregnant but you get what I am saying. LOL. It's definitely there, and rounding more by the day. I can no longer button my pants, so have started wearing the belly band, and am starting to move into some maternity capris and shorts also. Because, this just in: it's not just your belly that grows, your butt widens...mmm hmm, I'm not gonna lie to you, and this momma had "back" before she was pregnant, so I have tissue to spread. So the thigh/butt region of my pre pregnancy pants is also becoming an issue. Oh well. I am really trying not to focus on my body changing as a negative thing. I am actually looking forward to thanksgiving and Christmas, because my pregnant ass is going to EAT SOME FOOD without worrying about a pound or two. Apparently in the second trimester I'm likely to gain.....I have to take a deep breathe before I write this.......a pound a week. Oh well, it's worth it. I'll worry about loosing it when baby comes out. For now, I will continue to eat what I want (in moderation), do my exercise, and not worry about it unless the doc tells me different. So, bring on the FRO YO!

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