Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sick and Tired (of being sick and tired)

Wow it has been a week.

I've been puked next to, puked at, puked on, cleaned up puke, disinfected the bathroom a kagillion times, made more cup-a-noodles than I've ever made before, and had very little sleep.

The stomach flu came home Saturday night, courtesy of my husband. At first I believed he had food poisoning, but on Monday night at around 11pm my 5 year-old woke up vomiting in her bed. The top bunk. (Insert thumbs down here). So I stripped her bed, threw sheets in the garage, little sister in the spare room, and it continued. All night.

By Tuesday night little sister was throwing up, but big sister recovered, thank goodness I only had one of them acting like a fountain at a time. Whew.

By yesterday afternoon little sister had a fever, cough, and stuffy nose. Son of a bitch. Who goes from throwing up to having a cold with a fever (ok, I am trying to avoid the terminology but I know it's just another form of the flu) in 12 hours? Son. Of. A. Nutcracker.

Then, to make matters more complex. Despite little misses sneezy self, we went to the grocery store. I didn't let her touch anything. I locked her sick booty in the seat of the cart. But, we were out of food. Like all the way. So we prevailed. While we were at the store, we went to the banking counter (PS bank branches in grocery stores were MADE for women with kids, one stop shopping and banking, thank you bank people). The banking lady gave the girls suckers. Thank you bank lady, now they will have something to do while I shop. But, as I'm taking care of business, I hear the non-stuffy-nosed child say to the stuffy-nosed child "mmmmm your sucker is good." Yep. The healthy one took the sick ones lollipop and tasted it. Dumb-ass.

I feel the need to let you know that I talk to my kids about germs, and handwashing CONSTANTLY.

Today is day four of illness. Day three of me being home with kids. And, though I haven't woken them yet (still hoping they'll make a miraculous recovery), judging by the amount of coughing I heard through the night they are going to have to stay home again today. Plus, I'm sure the older one will wake up sick due to her lollipop tasting yesterday.

Dammit. Today is mommys day off. I'm supposed to go out to breakfast with a friend followed by a long walk in the park. I'm going to have to cancel.

Please children, be better by tomorrow. Mommy's going stir crazy. Ooooh, and by the way, I didn't catch the stomach bug OR the cold. Here's to good handwashing. Or, who am I kidding, long incubation periods.


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