Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Sunscreen Song

The sunscreen song was a song that came out back in high school (actual year was 1999) when a guy named Baz Luhrman decided to put his essay to song. It's actually titled "Everyone's free (to wear sunscreen)." Within some humor there is some REALLY good advice in this song. Lot's of times when I'm feeling lost, overwhelmed, or as of late: anxious, I will listen to the song and try to hold on to some piece of it for the day. Today is:

"Worry, but know that worrying is about as effective as solving an algebra equasion by chewing bubble gum."

We have to take risks in our life. We have to bring ourselves to the end of our comfort blanketed rope and branch out. We have to get up and try. If we don't exit our comfort zones, we will never really live.

Anyway, I'm obviously feeling a little "deep" on this foggy cold morning, as the girls sit next to me working on letter tracing. Here's the video, I hope it gives you some insight today.

Watch it here: and have a great day.

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  1. A favorite quote of mine, from a bumper sticker or a magnet, I'm not sure which:

    Worrying is as useful as rocking in a rocking chair: It gives you something to do, but you don't get anywhere.