Sunday, September 2, 2012

Another Waiting Game

We have finished the adoption placement paperwork, and our social worker did her last visit. The next step is to sign the court documents (these have to come AFTER the placement paperwork) and send them in.

Our agency has been trying to meet my deadline of a finalization date on Sept. 13th or 14th. My mom is going to be in town (she lives 2000 miles away) on those dates so I would love for her to be there. But, my social worker, who is generally a smart woman, could not figure out how to print the court docs on her printer, because they have to be two sided. Seriously? I mean, you print one side, re-feed the paper, and then print the other. It's neither here-nor-there at this point. We (FINALLY) got the hard copy documents yesterday, yep, Saturday of a holiday weekend. We filled them out last night, and they are all ready to send back 1st thing Tuesday morning. Honestly, I wanted to barge the 2.5hr drive to hand deliver them into the mail slot today or tomorrow, but my husband gently told me that I was being a nut case and needed to have some patience.

So what's left:
1. Court doc's to our agencies main office.
2. Main office completes court packet and sends to our agency branch to our social worker.
3. Our social worker takes docs to court house and obtains court date.
4. Court date happens and the girls are ours forever! Yay!

With snail mail involved in two of these steps, I'll probably be at the end of September. I know the court date is merely a technicality, but I want it to happen. It's a very special day, and it's been a long time coming.

The crazy thing is, our timeline from placement with the girls to the court date will be minimal compared to most. Many other families have to be in the "foster care stage" for a couple years while parental rights are addressed, etc. We are quite fortunate.

We are thinking about having a post adoption party for family and friends. If we do, I think the girls should wear these...

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