Monday, September 10, 2012

Still Waiting

We mailed the packet (no, I didn't get crazy and drive it down after all- shocking I know) on Tuesday of next week. My husband was at the post office when it opened, and mailed it overnight, with a delivery signature. The office got the paper work Wednesday at about noon. By Friday, I was getting giddy, so I texted my social worker, nothing yet. Grr. She said she would text me once she got the paper work, and assured me she would take it to the court house and get our date ASAP.

I didn't hear from her today, so I'm pretty sure my mom won't get to be here when we finalize. I know it's not a big deal, but it would have been awesome for her to share it with us. Hopefully we will still get a date by the end of this week. It's really tough not knowing for work too, because I commit to things like meetings and such, and at the drop of a hat I could have to change my schedule. Everyone will be super understanding, as they have all been through this entire process, but I still feel bad.

In other news, my initial problem child is now an angel, and now the younger one is turning into a real challenge. She is not as blatent with her misbehavior but she is sassy! Holy crap!

I'm totally effed. Seriously.

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