Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Clomid Chronicles: Part One

Clomid is the first line of defense for ovulatory dysfunction, which to date is my infertility diagnosis. Huh? That means that I ovulate irregularly, and often late in my cycle. This is problematic because I may not be releasing strong enough eggs, and my uterine lining is older at the time when implantation would be occurring, thereby making it difficult for an embryo to implant.

So, after all the tests were done the first line of treatment was to give me Clomid. This is a medication that makes a woman ovulate in a timely manner. And, it makes for a strong, healthy ovulation. The first question my family asked me was if I was going to be like Nadia the octo-mom. The answer is no. I do have a 10% chance of having twins, but that’s it, and that’s enough.

Clomid is taken for five days at the beginning of your cycle when follicles begin to develop, and it basically increases FSH (follicular stimulating hormone) to make eggs grow faster. I take it on cycle days 4-8. In mid January I took my first round of Clomid, at its lowest dose 50mg. On cycle day 15 I got that wonderful happy face (see ovulation predictor kit post). Then a week later I got my progesterone drawn to make sure that I did in fact ovulate, and I did. But, I didn’t get pregnant.

Clomid blocks estrogen, which is just super because that means it causes many of the same side effects as menopause. This includes mood swings and hot flashes. Let me just say HOLY MOTHER OF GOD does it cause hot flashes. I felt like I was going to burst into flames sometimes. Once at work I literally ran to the sink and put a cold, wet paper towel on the back of my neck. While doing this I actually looked down to make sure that my feet were not on fire. I never knew the magnitude of hot flashes until I met clomid. So, I would like to formerly apologize to my mother and grandmother for anytime I made fun of their hot flashes.

Mood swings, ha. My poor husband. I even felt it at work, when a patient would get on my last nerve and I was literally grinding my teeth to not say something out of line. It was and still is a challenge to kep my hormonal rages to myself!

Again, the first round was unsuccessful, I was on to round 2.

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