Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pulling Down The Moon

Pulling down the moon is the name of a group of holistic practitioners that work to help a couple conceive a child. Their name stems from the known belief that the moon is symbolic of the female menstrual cycle. We also know that the moon is also in affiliation with the zodiac sign Cancer, which has the meaning of "home" and "mother."

This amazing group of people have come together to offer yoga, acupuncture, counseling, and lots of educational classes to help couples across the spectrum (from just starting the TTC journey, to those doing IVF) understand and cope with their specific situation. Unfortunately, they are located far away from me! Their offices are in Chicago, IL and Washington DC.

The three female founders of Pulling Down the Moon created a book titled "Fully Fertile." This three month plan gives the reader weekly activities to complete. The book gives a lot of interesting information about acupuncture, sex for conception, but most of all, it gives several series of yoga postures to enhance fertility, and probably even more important RELAXATION. The women also share each of their stories, giving commrodary and hope to the reader.

This book taught me a lot about Eastern medicine. The women discuss using yoga and/or acupuncture alone, or in addition to ART (assistive reproductive technology) in the Western medicine realm.

My favorite chapter is called "Strengthening the Letting-Go Muscle." Man, mines out of shape! But I'm working on it!

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