Thursday, April 28, 2011

Progesterone Vs. Pregnancy

The two week wait can be a stressful time for a woman trying to have a baby. Ovulation happens, and then you wait to see if you conceived this cycle and are pregnant, or not. There is absolutely nothing you can do after ovulation to control whether or not you are pregnant. Just take care of your body, eat good food, don't perform any ultimate fighting, and wait to see if your period comes.

Lots of us women dry to decipher symptoms after ovulation to see if they're pregnant. We analyze every little twinge or cramp, and other symptoms too. But it's not a good system, because the symptoms of elevated progesterone (the hormone that dominates the luteal phase) are very similar to those of early pregnancy. Here's a list, I have put the similars in pink:

Elevated Progesterone
Early Pregnancy

Swollen/tender breasts
Swollen/tender breasts
Mood swings
Low sex drive
Frequent urination

So, this random post comes from two things: one I'm currently IN the two week wait. Two? Well tomorrow is my follow up appointment round 2 with my RE. Tomorrow I will find out if I have PCOS, tomorrow I will find out our "fertility plan" for operation: baby. And, to be honest...though this isn't shocking news: IM FREAKING OUT!

I'm both nervous and excited....and am really tired of seeing this:
(not my photo)

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