Friday, March 18, 2011

HSG: horrible stupid girltest

The next test I needed to have done was a hysterosalpingogram or HSG. This test checks for uterine or tube anomalies, and checks for tube patency. Scheduling this exam was one of the most frustrating things to date because the facility where I needed to have it done was completely disorganized. But, finally on January 4th 2011 I had the HSG. This test is done under fluoroscopy (a type of xray), and a radiologist performs the test. Basically they take a small catheter and place it in your uterus....Anatomy lesson: this means up the vagina, into the cervical canal, and into the uterus. Ouch! Then, once the catheter is there, they take dye and shoot it through the catheter into your uterus and then hopefully out of your tubes into your pelvic cavity. This would mean a normal test.
The dye flowed out of my left tube just fine, but the doctor had trouble seeing any dye in my right tube at all. With all of this crap "in place" I had to turn back and forth on the table to try and move the dye while having the worst cramps I have ever had in my life. I was actually doing yoga breathing during the test to keep from calling out. Tears were rolling down my cheeks from the pain, and then the technician opened her mouth. She said, "just think, labor pains are similar or worse than this."
Fuck you lady. I'm sorry, but really? I mean the end goal of all of this is baby, but was now the appropriate time for her to talk to me about labor pains? I was livid.
After the test was over, THANK GOD, the radiologist told me he wasn't sure that he could see dye flow through my right tube. His conclusion until further evaluation was that it was blocked.
I left the test crampy and defeated. One patent tube? One? Thats 50% of my fertility gone. Basically, (though it varies somewhat) you ovulate from one side one month, and the other side the next. So one good tube means 6 cycles a year instead of 12.
A week and a half later my husband and I sat impatiently in the doctors office waiting for a plan. When he came in with the final report of the procedure it said "bilateral patent tubes with free spill." This means that the test was normal.
I had been absolutely devastated for a week and a half thinking that I had one tube. No, wrong again, now the report said normal, so I did have two tubes, then what was the problem?

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  1. I know it's frustrating. Try not to put TOOOO much emphasis on the HSG. I've heard many people say that their HSGs showed things incorrectly, either for the good or bad.

    The best thing to do is come up with a plan that you, DH, and your doctor are happy with. Easier said than done though, I know. I'm sorry it hurt so bad!