Wednesday, March 9, 2011


For nine months I tried different combinations of tracking ovulation without success. By summer I was antsy to say the least. I had gotten pregnant in four months before, what was going on? My due date for that pregnancy was July 24th. That was a rough day. It really affected me, I yearned for labor (I know totally deranged) and the following elation of holding that baby. But once the day passed I was relieved. I was so worried about what that due date would do to me, that once it was over I felt better. Like that pregnancy had come to a close, it had expired, its date had passed, it was time to move on.

Finally November 1st I went to an obstetrician that specialized in fertility issues. I asked for help. I brought charts that I had done to monitor my temperature, ovulation tests, ect. For the first time, someone was impressed with my obsessive tracking. My family and friends thought I was nuts, but he appreciated my detailed work, so I knew we would get along. I knew this doctor was a keeper when I said to him, "I'm so tired of everyone telling me to relax, I wish I could relax but I can't." His response, "and you're not going to, once you've tried and tried and have not succeeded, its going to consume you. But think of this, you came to me to figure out why you are not getting pregnant. And to fix it. Thats what I'm going to try and do, so leave the planning to me, and just follow through with my plan."

I liked that, I didn't have to own this anymore. My doctor was going to take the lead, and I was going to follow directions. HELLO! This is my job description, carry out orders from a doctor, no problemo!

We developed the plan:
- early cycle blood tests to check hormone levels
- early cycle ultrasound to assure follicles are developing and check for uterus or ovary anomalies
if these are ok...
- Hysterosalpingogram to check fallopian tube patency
- Semen Analysis for my husband

I have to touch on the financial aspect of all of this. I have good insurance, but my insurance does not cover anything for fertility. Many insurance companies do not. I knew all of this was going to be expensive. My husband decided after this appointment that we would do the ordered tests, and pay the bills as we could. We chose to (at least for now) not quote the tests for cost, just get them done.

Finally a PLAN! I'm a planner, and seeing a schedule of events laid out really got me excited. So we pressed forward, hoping for answers.

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