Thursday, June 23, 2011

Great Book.

I've been reading Melissa Ford's book, "Navigating the Land of IF" and I must say, its brought me back down to earth from planet hysterical, which I was orbiting earlier this week.

Her book touches on all the important issues of IF'ers (IF is the medical abbreviation for infertility). She talks about dealing with emotions surrounding let down, fertility meds, fertility treatments, adoption, third party reproduction (surrogacy, donor eggs and/or sperm), and choosing to live child free.

The whole book is structured like you are on a tour of an island....the island of "IF" and the trials and tribulations that await you while you attempt to get back to the "mainland."

Melissa has been through many of these things, and her knowledge, compassion, and sense of humor make for an amazing read that will settle your nerves and remind you that you are NOT alone.


  1. No matter how alone you feel, I'm always thinking of you. This is just the beginning of your story, just one chapter.

  2. <3 ya girl! Thanks for the optimism.