Friday, October 5, 2012

Two Weeks Until FOREVER

Two weeks from today we'll be a forever family.

I cannot believe the day is almost here. In hindsight it has come very quickly, it was about this time a year ago that our journey changed from planning on a newborn through our birth mom match to fos-adoption. I wouldn't change the fork in the road that lead us here.

It took a long time for me to decide how to thank our social workers. How do you thank your "stork?" These two women found us our children, and found our children us. If that sounds really confusing...let me explain: my husband and I have a social worker through our agency. She took us through the homestudy process, wrote our homestudy, and put our names out there. Our daughters also have a social worker, she has been working with them since "A" first came into care at 3 months old. She's seen the girls through many challenges, and finally, she found them us. It's a pretty amazing thing these two women have done, I will never be able to explain to them how they've filled my heart with joy and love.

A gift card seemed impersonal for what they've given us. I will write them a looooong thank you card (probably another post), but along with that I wanted to give them something special, something to remember our little family. So, a (brave) friend of mine and I took the girls to a "paint your own pottery" place and we let the girls make them mugs. They painted their favorite colors all over the cup, and when we were finished the staff helped us write a message...

I hope they enjoy them!

Two weeks!!!

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