Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Today I ventured out with the girls to the library. I read in our local paper that the library does a storytime group every Wednesday for kids aged 2-5. I have been looking into little activities and things that we can do so this was a great first step. The story hour was great. There was singing, a story, number practice, and craft time.

There were about 6 preschoolers there, plus moms, and a few younger brothers and sisters who came along. I felt like I was a member in the special "mommy club." We all sat behind our kids and watched as they followed directions, sang, and listened. It was great! Most of the moms knew each other, some were even planning a play date. No one really said anything to me, they smiled though, which was nice. It's almost like the first day of school, and having to meet new people for the kids, and for me!

In the middle of the number song, my 4 year-old started sitting on her hand. I thought "uh-oh she has to go potty." Potty and my four year-old aren't good friends yet. She likes to hold her pee til it's too late and then go on my bathroom floor. So, I looked at her and began to brain was racing: should I interrupt her number song....what if she pees on the floor....I didn't bring the diaper bag cause we were only going to be gone an hour...if she has an accident we'll have to leave....the other moms will judge me 'how dare you don't bring your diaper bag incase of an accident" ....shiiiiiiit. So. I got up, whispered in her ear..."do you need to go potty?" Of course she nodded "yes" and so I took her hand, and away we went. I was fine with leaving little sister there for a minute, but she of course followed us. Accident averted! Note to self...maybe keep change of clothes in trunk for situations like these.

After story hour, I took the girls into the main library to show them around. It's important to me that the girls understand about borrowing books, taking care of them and returning them. I loved the library growing up, and I want my kids to do the same. So we went into the library childrens section, and looked around. As we were standing in line to check out our books some crazy lady...seriously she smelled and her clothes didn't match...came up and TOUCHED me on the shoulder, she said the most offensive thing to me: "I love God and I know that he believes that our children should look like us." I was so shocked, and had a kid holding each of my hands, so lucky for that lady, she didn't get punched in the face. I may not have mentioned this yet, but I am blonde and fair skinned. My daughters are 1/2 african america, 1/4 caucasion, and 1/4 native american. So, they are darker than me. NEVER has this come up before, besides once with my husbands 84 year-old grandma and it wasn't in an offensive way at all. EFF you lady. About 10 minutes later I realized I should have replied, "then you must not of heard of adoption." What an offensive end to a great morning at the library!

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