Friday, February 10, 2012


Finally....I have something to share with all of you. Last Tuesday (over a week ago) I left our SW a message to make sure she received our birth mom profiles. I didn't hear back all last week. So, naturally....I called back this past Monday, while a friend of mine literally sat next to me ready to hold my hand if I didn't get any answer.

But I did.

Our SW told me that we are "live" for birth mom situations, our profiles have been mailed on to the different agency offices in the state. Again, these situations are rare, but at least we are out there.

As for the infamous homestudy. It is in the final stage of being approved. Our SW is waiting for the "approval email" that tells her to go ahead and sign the homestudy and send the hard copy in. When she gets this, she will call us to tell us everything is a "go" for the fos-adopt program.

Then she said something that made me really happy. She said, "but don't worry, because if I learned of a child that was a match for you tomorrow, I'd present you without the document."

So pretty much, we are active right now. Though, we aren't officially in "Child Search" for the fos-adopt program. Of course, her date for the approval to come through was "by the end of the month." Because she said that she's already keeping her eyes and ears open for our child I refrained from reminding her that it was supposed to be the middle of the month. I am always on time, so when people miss deadlines it makes me crazy. Oh well, not a lot I can do about it except whine.

Every night we pray for our child.
Every morning I pray for peace, patience, and positivity while we wait.

C'mon little one, we're here, and we're ready for you to come home.

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  1. yay!!!! Getting closer and closer! I can't wait to meet the chosen one. They are so lucky you will be their mama :)