Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Table for a Tot

Hi All!
Not a whole lot going on here (still). Just waiting away. But, for those of you who are honestly worried about my mental health, this week is a much better week than last. And, I did get my validation after all. A good friend of mine who adopted from the same agency we are going through said to me, "well it sounds like you are ready to rip some heads off...and that's OK. It's normal to get scared and angry when you are so close to the end and it's taking forever."
I appreciated her honesty, and validation. Eventhough I feel nutty at times, I know I am not alone.

Here is the table and chairs (more like stools) I bought online at zulily.com. If you are not a member of this site, BECOME ONE. It's free and they have great deals on kid stuff, house stuff, and women's clothes and shoes.

So, if our little one is a "tot" they will have this cute spot to eat at, do playdough, and color, etc. If we end up with a baby, this will get put away for a while and a rocking chair will take it's place. This table has storage in the little seats, and it actually folds up so I can store it, or travel with it, whatever. My friends who have toddlers all have a little table for them, it's a must from what I can see!

I wish I was a kid again so I could live in this nursery!

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