Saturday, January 14, 2012

Embracing the Wait

I just updated my facebook status to: January. Is. The. Longest. Month. Ever.

It totally freaking is. I feel like we've been waiting forever. But, when I get really agitated about the waiting, I say a prayer for patience, and I realize that the rest of this process is all about waiting.

Waiting for our homestudy to be written, edited and approved.

Waiting for our social worker to find our little one.

Waiting to be chosen by the childs social worker or a birth mom once our social worker shares our homestudy.

Waiting for a disclosure meeting for a foster child or birth of a birth mom's child.

Waiting to meet the child.

Waiting to bring them home.

Waiting for the adoption to finalize.

This is going to be our life for awhile, so though I'm excited and impatient, I must learn to be comfortable here.

I am trying to marvel at my Saturday mornings of laying on the couch, sipping coffee and watching my DVR. I am going to bed early if I want because I can. I leave, and go to the store, or where ever if I want because soon it won't be so easy. Sometimes I just sit and read in my quite comfy living room, because the quiet will soon be a distant memory. Though I long for diapers, sleepless nights, and noise I know I will miss this time, where it's just he and I. I will have no regrets when I leave this place of being a child free adult, but I want to embrace it while I can, if only to make the time more tolerable.

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