Saturday, November 9, 2013

Baby Registry Etiquette

Countdown to due date: 102 days

Now that I'm in the 25th week baby shower talk has begun. I am very lucky that I have people who have wanted to throw my shower since day one, and now that thought has materialized into needing a guest list, picking a venue, etc. It's very exciting. At the same time, it was just shy of two years ago when friends came together and threw me a "Shower for Sisters" when the girls came home. There were probably 35 people in attendance and the girls (and I) got tons of nice things from room decor, to toys, clothes and dishes to welcome them home. With this in mind, I initially declined a shower saying that I had already had my day in the spotlight. Some good friends who know how many things a tiny baby requires insisted I have a baby shower for this little miss.

Since about 12 weeks I have researched countless baby items to find the safest, most practical, and well reviewed baby gear so that when this time came I could make the best selections. This past week, armed with my research, a list, and a dear friend who has had two baby's we created the beginnings of my baby registry. It is a daunting task. I really tried to stick to things that I needed for the baby's first year. I didn't want to put too many things on the registry, but didn't want to skimp either. The hardest thing for me was registering for things that I know I'll need, but that are also expensive. Let me tell you, I am a bargain shopper, but there aren't many bargains with baby stuff.

So what do I do? Load up my registry with expensive items and hope for the best? I am finally realizing why in my years (and years) of going to baby showers people always end up with a mother load of blankets, towels, bath stuff, and clothes. This is the less expensive faire that everyone buys. I know that people cannot throw down 50-100 bucks on baby stuff for me. People have their own bills to pay and kids to clothe. The baby gear business is ridiculous. And they are making a killing.

Nonetheless I registered. I registered for all the things I feel like I need to have for baby girl. And I realize, that I will likely foot the bill for many of these items once the showers have finished and I am at home, off work, nesting and online shopping like crazy while I wait for her big debut. Again, I am very fortunate to have the people in my life that I do, and I know she will get plenty of what she needs from them and their generous hearts. I am just shocked at how pricey some items are. For example, I am very passionate about breast feeding. Because I will be returning to work when she is three months old, and only get three 10 minute breaks and one 30 minute break in my 12 hour day I need a good breast pump to drain the ol knockers at work. That pump, the one that seemed most practical, and came most highly recommended, is about 300.00 bucks. And that is not including the accessory pack I am going to need.

The car seat and stroller saga was another big fish to swallow. I wanted the infant car seat that would snap into a stroller so I could let her stay in her seat and sleep while I run errands, or cart her sisters around to t-ball or dance this spring. I really liked the BOB but was astonished by its almost 500.00 price tag just for the stroller. Britax makes a combo system for a bit cheaper that still felt easy to move and has very high safety ratings. I found it cheapest on for 299.00. I did put it on my registry and its about 350.00. These are the types of things that either my family, or myself will have to buy.

I did find the famous bumbo seat on this online yard sale site I use for the girls clothes and other things for 10.00. This awesome seat sells for 50.00 usually, but I got it, cleaned it, and its good to go for little girl. This is how I plan to acquire some items. There is nothing wrong with pre-used in good condition so long as the item(s) can be cleaned.

As for the etiquette….I didn't really find any. Everything says to go ahead and register for what you want as long as you'll use it in the baby's 1st year of life. I don't know who these writers are, but they must have some rich friends. I still blush when I review my registry and look at the prices on some of those baby items. Oh well. I figure all she really needs initially is jammies, diapers, wipes, my boob, and some baby wash. The rest is just frosting.

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