Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oxymoron: Viability on the Day of Ghouls and Dead

I am posting two days early knowing that I have two children who both have Halloween parties at school Thursday, then I plan to come home, nap, and then get them ready for a night of trick-o-treating. We will likely get home from trick-o-treating and watch a Halloween movie (last year was Hocus Pocus) while the girls wind down. Kindergarten is off on Friday (smart teachers) and my preschooler always stays home with me on Fridays so they can stay up late, get cracked out on candy, and then (let mommy) sleep in Friday morning. Whew. Now you see why I am posting early.

I always thought it would be fun to dress up my bump if I were lucky enough to be pregnant, and far enough along to have a bump on Halloween. I actually planned to dress up, I had bought a doll and small pumpkin from a yard sale and was going to make this (without the the blood) on a black maternity t-shirt:

But, it's now the evening of the 29th, and I work tomorrow, so I don't think my costume is going to happen after all. I lack energy these days, majorly lack it. 

One of my favorite blogs, "The Pregnant Chicken" posted some hilarious maternity costume ideas. I seriously think the boob is my favorite. Check them out here: Pregnancy Halloween Costumes

Have a safe and happy Halloween!


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