Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Houston....we have a social worker!


Today, just after hanging up the phone with my husband, where the conversation was all about my frustration that our social worker hadn't called yet this week, and it being Wednesday, my phone rang again. It was only a couple minutes later and there she was! Our social worker (from now on to be written: SW) is a great lady, she taught all of our classes so we already have a rapport with her, which is comforting.

I was already thinking about all the little things she's seen: us play with a fellow adoptive families 2 year-old, us talk about our prior adoption plan, but how we felt that we may be open to other means of adoption in the future. She knows how we feel about little one we hope to have one day, as we spoke about this a lot during those classes.

Exhale. Sigh of relief, this is almost over. Just to recap what we have left:
  • We have to have individual interviews, which we scheduled today for December 8th at 1000. (My husbands day was open, mine is not, but I have an amazing boss so she'll let me move things around)
  • The SW has to come and see our home, there is a five page check of list that has to be completed for her to "certify" our home as safe
  • We have to provide a measured picture (I'm talking graph paper to sqaure feet) of our house and yard (working on that this week)
  • We have to fill out some final forms but our SW helps us with them, the state is VERY specific on how their filled out
  • Then we pray for her to write like it's her job! And hope for NO writers block!
  • Once its written, it's given to another SW to proof read.
Then, its done :) And can you believe that once it's done it's only good for two years. Holy Moly.

The eight week timeline of her writing the homestudy starts today. Of course, many SW's write them more quickly. So, we'll hope with that. I'm a little leary of it all with the holidays, but I know I have to be patient and let her do what she needs to.

Eeeek, I'm super excited about this next step.


  1. Yes, yes, yes, yes yesssss!!!!

  2. I'm glad to hear things are finally moving along!

  3. Thanks we are very excited, c'mon Thursday