Thursday, May 19, 2011

Is Alcohol Off Limits?

If you would have asked me this question two years ago when we started TTC I would have said, "yes." Now, the line is more fluid and rigid, and my answer varies. Almost two years have gone by and, lets face it, embarking on this crazy road alcohol free is effing nuts.

I'm not saying to go ahead and get hammered every weekend if you are trying for a baby, but find a happy medium. For me, I usually don't drink once I'm in the two week wait. This is the time after I've ovulated and have possibly (hopefully) had my egg broken into by a sperm.

I once read a study that said the most important days of development for a baby are days 17-47, as these are the days when the brain and spinal cord are formed. This means that when you are a mere 4-5 weeks pregnant the most important (in my book) organs are formed, followed by the heart (also pretty dang important) which starts beating at 6 weeks and 5 days gestation (or thereabouts). Its amazing how that little person has a beating heart at just 6 weeks, but has to hang out in our tummy until 40 weeks. Seems a bit excessive to me, but I'm possibly the most impatient person on the planet.

Back to the vodka, wine, beer, gin, and whiskey. Once I ovulate I abstain, for the most part. I will on occasion have a glass of wine with friends, but only one glass. Then once AF shows, I drink like a fish to cope with the idea of starting yet another cycle. I have a support group online of women struggling with infertility and one of them has patented the statement "drink til you see pink." Meaning, don't give up your wine until you have a positive pregnancy test. This is a little bit balsy for me, but it works for her.

I also cannot help but think of the thousands, probably even millions of women out there who were (in my opinion) lucky enough to have an "oops" pregnancy and how they didn't change there lifestyle until they knew they were pregnant. They probably didn't figure it out until they were about 6 weeks along, when their period is a couple weeks late and they finally stop worrying and take a test. By this time they've likely had a few drinks, and most of their babies are totally fine.

This chick I know told me once that her OB said she could have one beer or glass of wine a week while she was pregnant. I personally think her doctor is on crack, but whatever. Take that information and store it away if it makes you feel better. I once saw a chick in a bar who was like 8 months pregnant drinking a beer, and my husband had to take me home cause I was ready to karate chop her, or be nice and give her my number, in case she wanted to give the kid up for adoption. People never cease to amaze me

Do whats right for you, I guess. But, now that we've brought it up, doesn't a glass of wine sound amazing?

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