Friday, February 18, 2011

Where do I start?

Its taken me a while to make the decision to start a blog. I have wanted to talk about this subject for a long time, but both fear and embarrassment have kept me from sharing our story. It is our story, because of course there is me and my husband, but I will be the primary author of this blog.

Our story begins in July 2009 when we finally decided we were ready to start a family, I never thought I would be sitting her writing almost two years later, or in fertility land 19 cycles later, childless. Sigh.

The blog will start like this: I will catch you up on all the events leading up to this point. This will take a while. So bear with me. I hope our story not only gives commrodary to the fellow infertile, but makes you laugh, cry, and have hope when there is none in sight.

Happy reading.

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