Thursday, January 9, 2014

34 week milestone

At 34 weeks my baby is 4 3/4 lbs and is about 18 inches long. Her main goal from this point forward is to continue developing her lungs, and gaining weight. Most of the work is done. The milestone of 34 weeks is that most babies born between 34-37 weeks have a fairly easy time and are healthy. They will only require a short stay (if any) in a NICU. I wanted to make it to this point because at 34 weeks she can be born at my hospital with my Dr delivering her.

As of yesterday I am officially on maternity leave. My original goal was to make it to 36 weeks. However, my job is busy and I am on my feet a lot, so I started having contractions during work at 32 weeks and they got more persistent, so Dr told me to be done. I didn't argue. It was getting tough hopping around our unit with this big belly. Its funny though, I feel huge but everyone else keeps telling me how little I look. Who knows. The weight gain (almost 50 lbs) suggests hugeness, and since I'm supposed to gain a pound a week from this point forward and have usually gone over, I'll likely hit a 60lb gain before I deliver her. Super. Bring on the pilates.

She is still VERY active in my belly, after dinner and 2-4am are her favorite times. I can tell she is continuing to get big. If I turn to one side, and she wants to be on the other side she definitely lets me know. This and next weekend are my baby showers. I am very excited to celebrate this little one, and start putting together her nursery. In fact, that will likely start today.

The main "symptom" is fatigue. I'm just sleepy all the time. I alternate doing things I need to do with putting my feet up. Oh, and the feet, they look like sausage links at the end of the day. I HAVE CANKLES. Holy swelling. I hear the final month the swelling really gets serious….can't wait.

I took advice from a fellow mom and bought a few items from the Earth Mama Website for my post partum healing. It's mainly like ….um…. spray to relieve your vag after the baby comes out. I got some nipple salve for breastfeeding too. I like that the products are all natural, and I really want to avoid taking any pain medication after the delivery.

I don't know why, but I feel rushed to get all of these things done because since I was about 18 weeks I have always felt like this baby will be early. I have no reason to believe she actually will be, my OB thinks I'm just impatient I'm sure, but I just have this FEEEEEEELING. She is carrying really low, so I think as she puts on weight she's just going to cause me to go into labor. Granted, scientifically I have no idea that this would even matter, but the thought is there.

Here is what I hope to get accomplished:
1. baby's room and gear washed, assembled, and ready for action
2. 6-7 meals in the freezer so that our first week or so home we can just throw stuff in the oven
3. clean out girls toys
4. organize my office and get taxes done
5. organize hall closets
6. have a few lunch dates with friends since I will be on breast arrest for a while after delivery
7. Finish reading "Nursing mothers companion" and "baby wise" books  so I know what the hell I'm doing (ha)
8. continue to walk and stretch 3-5 times a week

We shall see how it goes :)

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